IPX Competitive analysis 2017

2017 marks the 10th year anniversary of the creation of the IPX concept by the GSMA. How time flies when you are having fun! A decade on and a lot has happened, but the question that begs to be answered is: Has IPX really delivered on its promises?

Now 10 years on, what is the reality? We can say thatalthough the road to a global IPX has been a difficult and slow one, the global IPX platform is now fully operational and supports the full suite of basic voice, data and signalling IP services.

Through the course of this 111 page report, we cover the capabilities and service features offered by the IPX providers, providing a detailed picture of the current status of the marketplace with facts and analysis. We also detail our expectations relating to the future developments of IPX.

Price: US$1,800
Format: pdf
Number of pages: 111
Publishing date: March 13, 2017
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Our IPX report based on interviews and surveys with 16 IPX providers provides an in-depth view of who the main IPX providers are, how their offering is evolving in terms of services, network, access, peering and features. The objectives of this report therefore are to:
    • Understand how IPX has evolved to date in terms of services, providers and requirements and how it may evolve over the next year
    • Define the current status of the IPX providers' ecosystem
    • Better understand how IPX providers' offerings are evolving
    • Identify new IPX services and features being developed
    • Define the differences in service providers' offering and capabilities
Who should purchase this report:
    • IPX providers seeking to understand how the segment is evolving in terms of services, customers, competitors and how they are positioned within the overall IPX ecosystem.
    • IPX customers needing to understand the different service offerings and providers to define how they can benefit from IPX, who to buy it from and how it can help them grow their business.
    • IPX vendors looking to understand the needs of IPX providers and customers and where new opportunities will come from.

Table of Content

Executive Summary
     IPX evolution
     IPX roadmap


IPX Evolution - 2007-2017
     Market and service trends
     Ecosystem evolution
     Customer evolution
     Service evolution and innovation
     Network evolution
     Business model evolution
     IPX innovation

IPX Evolution - The Future
Voice over LTE
     The voice business model
     The Internet of Things (IoT)
     5G - A role for IPX providers?
     The voice business model
     Network Function Virtualization and Software Defined Networks
     Enterprise and IPX services

IPX Providers and their offering
     Competitive Analysis Summary

IPX providers' profiles
     BT Wholesale
     Deutsche Telekom International Carrier Sales & Solutions (ICCS)
     Hutchison Global Communications Limited
     PCCW Global
     SAP Mobile Services
     Tata Communications
     Telia Carrier

     IPX description and history

List of Tables

Table 1: Summary of IPX providers' service offering
Table 2: Summary of IPX providers' capabilities and value added services offering
Table 3: Views on the number of IPX providers (5-year)
Table 4: Perceived customers interested in IPX services
Table 5: Number of customer evolution 2014 - 2016 
Table 6: List of IPX services, capabilities and features
Table 7: Key implications of possible voice termination models
Table 8: Network and Access attributes by IPX provider
Table 9: Service portfolio summary by IPX provider – Voice and video
Table 10: Service portfolio summary by IPX provider – Data and signalling
Table 11: Summary of capabilities supported by IPX provider
Table 12: Summary of Features supported by IPX provider
Table 13: Value added services or applications offered by IPX providers
Table 14: Components of the IPX network which are or to be virtualized
Table 15: Summary of QoS Parameters measured by IPX provider
Table 16: Network and Access table attributes definition 
Table 17: Service Portfolio table attributes definition – Voice and video
Table 18: Service Portfolio table attributes definition – Data and signalling
Table 19: Capabilities table attribute definition
Table 20: Features table attribute definition
Table 21: Value added services or applications table attribute definition
Table 22: QoS Parameters table attribute definition