Telecom Consulting and Advice

Whether you are an incumbent operator seeking to improve your business, a challenger or a new entrant looking to leapfrog technologies and capture bandwidth-hungry customers from day one, we can access the skills and experience you need to deliver.

Our models range from the supply of a single subject matter expert to a small team of experts to assist with specific business initiatives, or to embrace the entire scope of business activities. We can provide you with telecom experts with real life expertise using a flexible model. 

The levels of support we offer include:

Our pool of independent associates have direct experience of all of the above scenarios and we can draw on this knowledge base, offering you experts who have themselves helped to shape the future for major telecoms companies.

Broadly, our resources are grouped into seven main skill sets:

If you have any questions or want to discuss our people services offering in more detail, you can send an email to or contact us at: +1 514 270 1636 or +44 (0) 7082 902 432.