Change is perhaps the only thing that doesn’t change in the international carrier world, especially in wholesale voice! Over the years, the industry has absorbed, with varied levels of success, a number of assaults or waves of evolution. Now comes another seismic change over the horizon: The rise of virtualization.

Most wholesale carriers are aware of the growth of cloud computing and the impact of that on IT operations in particular. However, the impact of those same technologies on their networks and systems has not yet had much consideration.

Wholesale carriers are now under constant pressure to reduce cost, improve quality, flexibility, efficiency and global reach, all this while increasing speed of innovation. Not a small order. Virtualization and automation are two of the tools that are now available to carriers to enable a complete shift in their network deployment and operation, which should enable them to better compete with the new breed of telecom service providers.

This white paper provides the background on those technology and business changes and offers an insight into why wholesale carriers need to be reacting now to this latest opportunity before it becomes a threat to their livelihood.

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Table of Content

Overview and key messages

Drivers for virtualization           

Virtualization: Why, what and how

PoP virtualization
     Network deployment - Now
     Cloud environment
     Cloud deployment - In the virtualization era
     Virtual PoPs - Implementation strategies

From concept to reality
    Metaswitch's virtualized SBC - Perimeta

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