It is hard to escape the fact that every element of our lives today are potentially subject to fraud. Technology, which provides often essential capabilities, is constantly being tested for weaknesses that can provide someone somewhere with the ability to make money without earning it.

The actual loss from telecom fraud is often borne by the retail service provider and, for many years, wholesalers turned somewhat of a blind eye towards international revenue share fraud, where illicitly generated calls are routed to a distant, and expensive, international destination. However, the cut-throat competition in international voice is creating a new wave of interest in fraud mitigation. Carriers are starting to see value in helping their retail service provider customers mitigate the impact of fraud on their bottom line.

This white paper provides an overview of the sort of frauds increasingly hitting international carriers and what they can, and should be doing now to arrest it. We also discuss what tools are available to effectively and automatically provide much needed support to that task. Finally, we look into the future to see how fraud may evolve and what this may mean for the different telecom players going forward.

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Publishing date: January 2016
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Table of Content

Overview - Fraud is everywhere

Fraud 101
    Premium number fraud
    False Answer Supervision
    Commercial fraud
    VAT fraud
    Why is fraud such a prolific business?

The 7 layers of fraud management
    The winning strategy: An integrated approach

Where is the money?
    Does it make financial sense for wholesalers?
    The first step towards greater carrier value


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