Although the benefits of VoLTE roaming are clear, there have been some delays in establishing this feature. Based on our forecasts, we expect VoLTE roaming will not pick-up before 2019 onwards and that it will account for 21% of all roaming traffic by 2020.

The delay in establishing VoLTE roaming comes from two main reasons – the first step generally requires both networks to have launched VoLTE, and then the actual implementation of the architecture is much more complex than was required for the earlier 3G roaming approach.

Some vendors have equipment and solutions, including virtualization, which solves some of the complexity, and the trial also showed that IPX providers could play a central role to help mobile operators roll out VoLTE roaming more simply and efficiently.

In this 360 vision magazine, we not only explore the complexity of VoLTE roaming, but more importantly we define different solutions that can help mobile customers worldwide implement this valuable feature more quickly and efficiently.

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VoLTE Roaming - The complexity         

VoLTE Roaming - The simplification
VoLTE Roaming - The opportunity

VoLTE Roaming - The turning point

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