Our recent global survey of 4,700+ mobile customers provided key insights into what matters to end users when thinking about the service they receive from their mobile operator and from these results, we have been able to define the keys to shaping customer Quality of Experience. This free 30-page white paper (sponsored by AMDOCS), provides the results of our survey and analysis.

The message is clear. What is important to customers is better coverage, faster data download speed and higher quality, in addition to lower prices. But they also want to enjoy a mobile experience tailored to their needs. For many, one size fits all may not be sufficient and mobile operators will have to go the extra mile to ensure each user receives a personalized experience.

But this would not be complete without ensuring that customers are placed at the heart of their mobile experience. Only then will mobile service providers succeed in fully optimizing and monetizing their customers’ experience and satisfaction.

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Publishing date: June 2015
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Table of Content


4 keys to shaping quality of experience
     KEY 1 - Facilitating the digital lifestyle                                                                                                     
     KEY 2 - Boosting data coverage & speed       
     KEY 3 - Exploiting Wi-Fi to enhance voice & data                  
     KEY 4 - Creating a personalized experience                  

Customer insights
     The big spenders
     The impact of 4G

Regional profiles
     North America – A satisfied customer willing to pay more to improve their network experience
     Europe – A small spender looking for coverage and speed                                                             
     APAC – A high-tech user looking for everything data and high speed                                         
     CALA – A customer looking for personalized services, better quality and coverage                    
Respondents' profile and methodology
     Respondents’ profile                      

About us                                                          
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