Mobile Termination Rate Europe report


The TCL 'Tariff Trends SnapShot' is a new subscription service which offers a snapshot of research into a key mobile or fixed line telecoms trend. The service is to be published 20 times per year and can be either subscribed to as an yearly subscription or alternatively, individual issues can be purchased.

The 'Tariff Trends SnapShot' service is researched by analysts with more than 20 years of experience in pricing. The output is in PowerPoint allowing tables and charts to export straight into your report or presentation.

Price: US$315
Format: Power Point
Publishing date: Published 20 times per year
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This report is not downloadable immediately after the order process. Once payment is received we will e-mail you the report.


Below you find the titles of the to-date published SnapShots:

    • Tariff Trends SnapShot No 1: Developments in EU roaming
    • Tariff Trends SnapShot No 2: The impact of the launch of Free Mobile in France
    • Tariff Trends SnapShot No 3: Developments in the Spanish mobile market (the unbundling of subsidised handsets)
    • Tariff Trends SnapShot No 4: Pricing for new LTE services launched to date
    • Tariff Trends SnapShot No 5: Pricing for the Youth Segment
    • Tariff Trends SnapShot No 6: Latest trends in Mobile Data Pricing
    • Tariff Trends SnapShot No 7: The key mobile pricing trends into 2013
    • Tariff Trends SnapShot No 8: MVNO in Europe
    • Tariff Trends SnapShot No. 9: MNOs and the challenge of Over The Top (OTT) services