What a difference a year makes! Back in early 2014, the announcements of new IPX offerings were coming thick and fast. Now, the announcements we are reading in the press talk about expansions, peering and new service offerings.

As a consequence, in our opinion, IPX providers will have to go above and beyond supporting the ‘basic suite’ of IPX services, and innovate with new features, capabilities and services if they are going to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. In addition, with most global wholesalers and mobile data hubs having now launched an IPX solution, the questions that come to mind are: ‘Is there space for more IPX players and if so who will they be and what can they offer?’

This free 30-page white paper (sponsored by Dialogic), focuses on how IPX providers can differentiate themselves going forward with new services, capabilities and segments, as well as the opportunities for new players to incorporate IPX based services into their global interconnect evolution strategy.

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Table of Content

Introduction and overview

4 pathways to IPX differentiation
      PATH 1: Voice evolution services                  
      PATH 2: Value added services                      
      PATH 3: Interworking and interoperability    
      PATH 4: New IPX segments                          

Joining IPX - Still an opportunity? 
     Mobile Groups                                                
     Voice wholesalers  
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