This free 80-page report, and the analysis underpinning it, provides a clear understanding of IPX, how it is evolving and what role it will play in the continuing IP services evolution, not only globally but more particularly in Bahrain and the GCC region.

The target audience for this document includes operators, stakeholders and investors wanting to better understand IPX, how it is evolving as well as the role that IPX can play in the GCC region. The report was developed for Bahrain's Telecom Regulatory Authority.

HOT TELECOM has spent many years working in the wholesale and IPX segment collecting data on trends, services, competitors and business growth through multiple interviews and market research projects. In addition, we also guide IPX providers and customers in defining their IPX strategy through workshops, training programs or consulting assigments.

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Publishing date: January 2015

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Table of Content

Executive Summary


Telecom industry trends
     Key trends
     Industry evolution
     Trends specific to Bahrain and the GCC
     Main industry challenges and role of IPX

IPX now and in the future
     IPX – The basics IPX Services capabilities and features
     IPX Providers
     IPX Customers
     The Impact of IPX
     Example of IPX strategies
     IPX as an enabler of the IP revolution

Possible use of IPX in Bahrain and the GCC
     Bahrain’s National operators and IPX
     Bahrain’s International operators’ and IPX
     The TRA/Bahrain government and IPX
     The GCC region and IPX

Possible options for Bahrain's operators

Annex - Acronyms

List of Tables

Table 1: Summary of the telecom industry evolutionary changes
Table 2: List of IPX services, capabilities and features
Table 3: List of current IPX providers
Table 4: IPX wholesale and retail supported services
Table 5: Evaluation of potential solutions to meet Bahrain’s operators’ requirements
Table 6: Potential International interconnection solutions pros and cons
Table 7: Requirements necessary to make a good IPX hub location
Table 8: Summary of possible IPX options for national and Int’l operators

List of Figures

Figure 1: World fixed vs mobile subscribers (million subscribers)
Figure 2: International voice traffic by originating region (billion minutes)
Figure 3: Data roaming traffic by mobile technology (PB/year)
Figure 4: GCC fixed vs mobile telecom subscribers (`000)
Figure 5: GCC mobile subscribers by country (‘000)
Figure 6: GCC International outgoing and incoming traffic (million minutes)
Figure 7: Current complex Int’l voice and data services interconnect and network environment
Figure 8: IPX – Simplified multiple services and providers over a single platform
Figure 9: Ultimate IPX vision
Figure 10: Direct interconnect scenario
Figure 11: Wholesale interconnection scenario
Figure 12: Mobile groups’ scenario
Figure 13: Etisalat’s IPX Smarthub scenario


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