February 25, 2013

HOT TELECOM new logo 

HOT ELECOM is proud to announce the launch of its new logo and brand identity. To celebrate the milestone of our 10th anniversary we have decided it was time to refresh our look to better miror our values and mission.

The new logo will be integrated gradually into our reports and documentations.


HOT TELECOM is the leading telecom expertise site providing premier quality telecom data, reports and services to the International telecom community. With its head office in Montreal - Canada , HOT TELECOM's team is composed of International telecom experts based in America , Europe and Asia , giving it a unique insight into the global telecom market. To date, HOT TELECOM has served more than 80 global companies, providing them with a range of services that includes telecom reports and forecasts covering over 50 countries and 100 operators in all regions of the world.

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