By Isabelle Paradis
President, HOT TELECOM
July 2014
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In this day and age of everything bigger-faster-cheaper, everything over-the-top and everything data, the survival of the carrier is by no means a done deal. This is a time when the power of the end-user has never been greater. The customer now has the ability to influence the services, the content, the medium and ultimately the survival of service providers. This is a complete paradigm shift for carriers and service providers who have always dictated these variables.

A new era has therefore come, with carriers and service providers having to adapt to the evolution of everything to IP, the evolution of the business model, the evolution of the ecosystem dynamics with new players constantly disrupting the interaction of each of the industry’s stakeholders. And finally, as stated earlier, they also have to adapt to the growing role the end-user plays in their business decisions.

This complex evolutionary mix will, in my opinion, force a complete shake-up of the International wholesale industry, with the survival of a handful of global players having taken the necessary steps to reinvent themselves into innovative and nimble customer-focused entities. Many others will have been acquired through this process or will die a slow death, having missed the boat. This obviously will not be achieved overnight, but the process is definitely underway, starting with the evolution to IPX. But all is not lost, as there is still time to evolve into a new you.

Through the course of our many consulting and research projects, we at HOT TELECOM, have had the chance to meet and exchange views with a number of visionary executives who have the exciting task of leading our industry into the age of über-innovation.

I thought it would be opportune to ask 10 of the top commanders in our industry, what in their opinion are some of the secrets for survival in this new era, how IPX fits into this picture and finally, the role of carriers in this innovation superhighway.

You will find in this portfolio, some of the key messages they shared with me.


Isabelle Paradis


About the Author:

Isabelle Paradis

Isabelle Paradis, President of HOT TELECOM is an international telecoms expert, with over 20 years working experience in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa.

HOT TELECOM has been serving global operators, governments, equipment vendors and telecom investors for over 10 years, providing leading edge market research and consulting services to industry leaders around the globe.

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