International Wholesale Voice traffic forecasted to grow by a CAGR of 8.5% over the next 5 years

June 2014

New and original global telecoms interconnect service model forecasts that International Wholesale Voice revenue will grow by 5% a year to reach $13.2B in 2018.

In a new and unique global model of the market for international interconnect services – voice, data and messaging – HOT TELECOM has identified that International Wholesale Voice is not dead and there are significant signs of life for the coming years. In fact, the forecast shows that there will continue to be a growth in the volumes and revenue of voice calls carried through wholesalers for the coming five years.

Growth in volumes of minutes will continue at a Compound Average Growth Rate (CAGR) of 8.5% to reach 421 billion minutes in 2018, while revenue will grow at a slower, but still healthy 5% a year to reach $13.2B in the same year. This growth will be mainly due to the migration of mobile operators’ voice traffic to IPX, which gives mobile operators a real driver to move their international traffic away from the traditional path via the incumbent international carrier in their country to an IPX based wholesaler.

This is among the findings in this first comprehensive report on the overall market for international interconnect services that includes global and regional forecasts for voice, messaging and support for roaming in the voice, data and messaging areas. The report, based on many years of collecting data about subscriber growth in fixed and mobile networks around the world, coupled with interviews and analysis of the business includes detailed forecasts and structured discussion of the trends and drivers in each of the service areas.

‘We felt that the industry was missing a comprehensive forecast to cover the next five years – a period which will be marked by significant changes due to technology, customer behavior and regulatory action.’ said Isabelle Paradis, President at HOT TELECOM. ‘With the massive rollout of LTE networks, the evolution to IP communications and pressure on roaming prices and basic termination rates, the time was right to build a bottom up model of this important industry segment.’

The research builds its forecast from detailed histories of subscriber growth, by region, in fixed and mobile services coupled with trends and analysis on usage – both at home and when roaming. Taking that, and a deep knowledge of the evolving business structures the model forecasts volumes and revenue, by originating and terminating region in many cases, to create this comprehensive overview of the wholesale business. Each section of the report includes analysis of the trends and drivers behind the forecasts, identifying the areas that companies involved in, or providing equipment and systems to, international wholesale services need to consider to grow their businesses in the coming years.

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