Virtual Networks
The power of the intangible

By Andreas Hipp
Member of the advisory team, HOT TELECOM
May 2016

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The world we live in has been transformed into a virtual one over and over again, and continues to be so at an accelerating speed. Bringing us to a point where never before in the history of mankind have we lived such a virtual existence.
The communications and IT sector is largely responsible for the latest evolution, as is the internet, as it plays a central part in its distribution and consumption.

Therefore, how can there be so many concerns still about the virtualisation of the technology sector itself, if it already enables all these “new realities” in our day to day lives?

Andreas' latest market insight looks into the challenges, pros and cons of a virtualized telecom world, from both the vendor and operator side, and why our fears, at the end of the day, may only be virtual.

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About the Author:

Isabelle Paradis

Andreas was the Founder and Group CEO of Epsilon Global Communications, which includes Epsilon service provider and Cataleya technology businesses.

During his 18 years in the global telecoms community he has contributed to the evolution of the international markets and technologies, creating innovative businesses, and disruptive business models. He loves technology but people even more and what technology can or must do for them.

He is now continuing to accelerate the industry’s evolution through his start-up accelerator (Incipio) and his position on the board of Cirrus Core Networks, which offers an all NFV-based Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) proposition for Mobile Network Operators.

He is also part of HOT TELECOM’s Special Forces, a group of leading industry experts who help guide our customers’ strategic evolution and new business vision.

HOT TELECOM has been serving global operators, governments, equipment vendors and telecom investors for over 13 years, providing leading edge market research and consulting services to industry leaders around the globe.

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